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. . . A fierce and moving book . . . (Bruce Bond) . . . more

Appetite cover

Christine Gelineau has invented a new cosmology in her fascinating, ambitious, multi-part poem . . . In APPETITE FOR THE DIVINE Gelineau makes time into the sublime and turns space into grace (Molly Peacock) . . . more

Remorseless cover

One of poetry’s tasks is to encounter pain. Not to resolve it, not even to console it. But to encounter it with a language that will (Eamon Grennan) . . . more

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Fr Connections cover

Edited by Christine Gelineau with Jack B. Bedell. Featuring the work of Mark Strand, Denise Duhamel, Dorianne Laux, Donald Revell, Alison Pelegrin, Henri Cole, Connie Voisine, John Dufresne, Jesse Lee Kercheval, Michelle Boisseau, Erin Belieu, Katherine Soniat, Sheryl St. Germaine, Cheryl Savageau, & other fine poets . . . more

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Greenwood cover

The moral compass that guides these poems is matched by their attention to aesthetics (Maria Mazziotti Gillan) . . . more


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Song Line cover

It is one thing to turn a bright and self-contained lyric; it is quite another to undertake philosophical, historical, even socio-political concerns in a poem that ranges from the first settlements in the Susquehanna Valley to the ovens of Treblinka (Maxine Kumin) . . . more

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Currently available anthologies in which Christine's work appears . . . more

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