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Cover design by Janine Gelineau;
photograph by Ryan S. Gregor

Product Details:
ISBN: 978-0-912592-68-8
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: scheduled for April 15, 2010
Publisher: Ashland Poetry Press


Christine Gelineau has invented a new cosmology in her fascinating, ambitious, multi-part poem, APPETITE FOR THE DIVINE. Questioning contemporary warfare and eco-destruction while praising the green fuse in all that lives, this poet interrogates, celebrates, and re-calibrates our spiritual and cultural values. Gelineau models for us a marvelously poly-voiced poetry, an associative, gently narrative puzzle which allows her to pick through scenes of destruction and illumination toward an idea of a core of holiness in our 21st-century existence. In APPETITE FOR THE DIVINE Gelineau makes time into the sublime and turns space into grace.

0000000000000000000000000000Molly Peacock

Christine Gelineau’s second book of poems, APPETITE FOR THE DIVINE, more than confirms the promise of her first. In these new poems about “the world we’re prepared/to perceive,” Gelineau’s appetite for the divine is neither of the traditionally religious nor the hazy romantic kind; rather it is a desire for the integration of life and death, for things as they are with things as they could be.
0000000000000000000000000000Neil Shepard

In this series of long poems Christine Gellineau brings us the poetry of awakening, perception, birth, and seasons as well as loss, tragedy, and despair and shows that the whole universe beats with one heart . . . as language somehow pursues truth.
0000000000000000000000000000Deborah Fleming

  • APPETITE FOR THE DIVINE was #16 on the SPD Poetry Bestseller list for April 2010
  • Recommended by Grace Cavallieri as a best reading selection for summer 2010 on Montserrat Review
  • Reviewed by Marc Sheehan on Gently Read Literature


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