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Cadence of Hooves edited by Suzan Jantz. Named the Best Poetry Anthology for 2008 Fall Reading by Montserrat Review and also received recognition on "One Poet's Notes," online complement to the Valparaiso Poetry Review.

Eating Her Wedding Dress: A Collection of Poems About Clothing.
edited by Ellen Foos , Vasiliki Katsarou , and Ruth O’Toole.

Listening to Water: An Anthology of the Susquehanna Watershed.
edited by Jennifer Hill-Kaucher and Dan Waber.

Mona Poetica edited by Diane Shipley DeCillis & Mary Jo Firth Gillett

Knocking on the Silence, an Anthology of Poetry Inspired by the Finger Lakes, edited by Donna M. Marbach & Patricia Roth Schwartz


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